Funding For Qualifications, Apprenticeships And Training In Scotland


The Government has identified vocational training as a key area in developing the nation’s skills base and as a result has allocated money to fund training for eligible individuals. We have worked with Skills Development Scotland & ILA for many years now in providing funding to individuals undertaking work based qualifications.

Modern Apprenticeships

With the help of Skills Development Scotland, offer individuals the chance to gain invaluable industry recognised accreditations – including SVQs through Modern Apprenticeships training.

Skills Development Scotland can provide funding for Modern Apprenticeship programme. The only investment candidates and employers need to make is time and effort. The Modern Apprenticeship programme can bring enormous rewards, in the form of improved self-confidence, competence, efficiency and motivation.

ILA Scotland

ILA Scotland is a Scottish Government scheme that helps candidates pay for learning that is tailored to their career and available time commitments. Eligible candidates will have an income of less than £22,000 per year, or are on benefits.

If you are 16 or over and living in Scotland, you could get £200 towards the cost of learning with a learner account from ILA Scotland.