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Interested in a Modern Apprenticeship?

Microcom Recruitment specialise in sourcing employment opportunities for school/college leavers interested in developing their career and working towards a Modern Apprenticeship qualification to enable them to earn, learn and gain a formal qualification. By enrolling onto this programme, you will develop your skills and equip yourself with an industry recognised qualification to kick-start your future career.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Send your CV to
  2. Once you have applied you will be contacted by one of our recruitment team and given the opportunity to meet with us to register and find out what is involved in the recruitment process.
  3. After you have registered, our recruitment team will then start the process of matching your qualifications and aspirations to employers that are interested in supporting a Modern Apprentice into the world of work.

Cover Letter Template

Preparation for interview

  • Find out exactly where the interview is being held. Using the companies websites research what they do
  • Find out how to get there and how long it will take. Use Google maps to locate the business
  • Give yourself more time than necessary in case of transport problems or hold ups of any kind.
  • Do a ‘dummy run’ to the place if possible so you are confident that you know exactly where you are going and roughly how long it will take.
  • Ensure that you have enough money to get there and back.
  • Decide what you are going to wear to the interview and make sure it is clean and needs no alterations (wrinkles, creases, missing buttons, lose hemlines, snags etc.) Please dress office smart even if it’s not for an office job
  • Read through your application form/CV before you go. It may be a good idea to take this with you along with a notepad with some questions that you may want to ask
  • Find out how you would get to work on a daily basis.

After the interview

  • After the interview it is important to ask about the next steps, this can help you know how long the decision process can take so you’re not anxiously waiting for a phone call each day.
  • Dropping the company an email or calling one of the recruitment team at Microcom for an update can show determination and it shows the employer that you want the job.
  • If you feel that the interview went well it may be a good idea to arrange your references and make sure they a ready for when the employer needs them.
  • Keep applying for other vacancies, don’t put all your eggs in one basket you’re best to keep applying for jobs just in case the initial one falls through.
  • In the event that you’re unsuccessful keep the same motivation you had previously, make sure to ask for constructive feedback about your interview so you know what areas you need to improve on for future interviews.

Expectations at Work

  • Time keeping- if you start at 9am then your employer will expect you to be on the premises around 8.45am so you can get your jacket/coat and get ready to start the working day.
  • Ask Questions- You will be expected to ask questions e.g. when you need clarification on a task, to demonstrate interest or request assistance.
  • Listen- As well as asking for information, your employer will expect you to listen, e.g. to instructions, task details, information you will need. You should make a habit of taking notes – it’s good to date them and write down any time-scales/deadlines you are given.
  • Enthusiasm- There may be times when you don’t feel enthusiastic but you must try hard and give 100% at all times even in the face of obstacles and hard work.
  • Presentation- you would have taken time on your appearance for your interview, clothes, haircut, fresh breath etc. It is important to maintain this even if your job requires overalls or other PPE clothing and you must ensure you keep your clothing clean.
  • Initiative- find something to do; clean up, sort the filing, ask if you can help someone or shadow them so you can begin learning a different part of the business but make sure that you are contributing to the business at all times.
  • Holiday Entitlement- As an apprentice you will be entitled to at least one and a half days’ paid holiday for every month of your training (18 Days per year)
  • Wages- the National Minimum Wage for apprentices of all ages is £3.50 an hour although some employers may pay more.
  • Fair Treatment- As an apprentice or as an employee, you have the right to be treated fairly in all aspects of your work.

For information on your rights as an apprentice please click here

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Candidate Testimonials

I would like to thank the company for providing me with a first class service during my interview last week. From the minute I arrived until I left , the staff were brilliant and very helpful.

Lee F (18)Business and AdministrationRead more

Microcom were a great help in finding me an apprenticeship, Such a pleasant team who done everything in their power to help me and kept in contact with me through my interview process…

Linzi W (18)Business and AdministrationRead more

I highly recommend Microcom to any young person like myself who had just left full-time education looking for an apprenticeship. Both Loraine and Francis worked very closely with me ensuring I got the best possible chance at getting myself not only…

Taylor A (19)Business and AdministrationRead more

I found this recruitment process fantastic. It gave me great confidence going in to the interview and couldn’t be happier about it. I recommend this process…

Conor B (19)Warehousing and Storage Read more

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