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Gain a formal qualification for the job you do or gain a job as a young apprentice.

Modern Apprenticeship

Looking to gain a formal qualification for the job you do?

Employers appreciate the value of Modern Apprenticeships and SVQs. Gaining a competency based qualification proves that you can do your job well and to the industry standards that have been agreed by representatives from the sector you are in. SVQs are available at many levels, from a new apprentice all the way up to director level, they are all nationally recognised and certificated therefore a great addition for anyone to have.

Having a nationally recognised qualification sends a powerful message to Employers:

  • you can do your job confidently
  • you are committed to your own personal development
  • you are motivated and ambitious
  • you are ready to take on responsibility
  • you are dedicated to your work

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Are you looking for an apprenticeship?

Microcom Recruitment specialise in sourcing employment opportunities for individuals interested in a new or first job as an apprentice. Our apprenticeships give young people the chance to gain a career whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification. We assist candidates in CV preparation, interview techniques and match them to a job that suits their abilities. We have a well-established and comprehensive network of employers who look to us to assist in solving their recruitment needs. For more information on the service we offer and to see our live vacancies click here.

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